Electro-Plus Power Booster Ayurvedic Capsules



Feel The Power
For Vigor and Vitality

For Men & Women

Electro-Plus Power Booster Capsule is a combination of time tested herbs, which are known to increase the endurance and correct the causes of weakness in males as well as females.

Electro-Plus Power Booster Capsules are non hormonal & safe.

Electro-Plus Power Booster Ayurvedic Capsules :

Increases Endurance.

Restores Stamina and Virility lost due to Alcohol Consumption.

Promotes Arousal and Decreases Debility.

Strengthens Immune System.

Highly Effective for weakness due to factors like stress, age and other lifestyle disorders like high blood sugar.

Improves Cardiovascular System due to the very effective ingredient ‘Irani Loha Bha

Restore power, Supports Confidence, energy and stamina.

Supports Circulation for healthy blood flow.

Soothes nervous system and brain to increase Efficiency.

Dose : One to two capsule daily along with milk, fresh fruit juice or honey.


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